It pains us to break people's hearts with the list of films that Netflix is booting off of their streaming library on any given month. And yet, we never stress out about it too much, as there's always some pretty good stuff coming through the door at the same time. But this November has some pretty fantastic movies, at least from where we're standing.

In fact, the 10 we're about to show off range from recent thrills to old favorites, as you'll see in the following list. So prepare your streaming queue accordingly, as you'll need room for these 10 hits.


Kind of like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper is a movie that's both perfect for the soon to pass Halloween season, but really plays well no matter when you screen it during the fall. With a blend of slapstick humor and honest heart, the classic comic property transcends its cutesy past to become a well-rounded film. Not to mention, Bill Pullman is still one of our favorite movie dads thanks to this movie, as his father to Christina Ricci's daughter provides a steady anchor for the mayhem Casper and his uncles get into.


Yes, Halloween is over, but for some of us, it's always a good time for a scary movie. This is especially true when we're talking about a flick like Mike Flanagan's Oculus, which makes Netflix its home not too long after the director's Gerald's Game adaptation premiered as a network original. An impressive tale of trying to tell the difference between reality and a much darker fiction, the film's protagonists find themselves fighting against an unlikely menace: a seemingly possessed mirror. If you've seen the film, you know just how effective the device is at its job, but to those still new to the party, go in with an open mind.

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