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Kit Harington Looks Kind Of Like A British Cowboy In His New Show

This past weekend marked the end of another Game of Thrones season, with much spectacle to be had, and Kit Harington's Jon Snow was once again at the center of a major finale moment. But while Season 8 is looking to premiere in a far distant future that could potentially stretch into 2019, Harington's doting fans won't have to wait that long to see him again on the small screen, as he's starring in the BBC One historical thriller Gunpowder, which will see him not in his usual cloak, but in some cowboy-ish outlaw garb. Check him out.

kit harington gunpowder

What do you guys think? It almost looks like a stunt photo taken in the back of a western-wear store in east Texas, but one that isn't at all unbecoming for Kit Harington, whose Robert Catesby looks like he could put up a good fight with Jon Snow. (Can one make bullets out of Valyrian steel?) Granted, he's definitely not a cowboy of any kind here, since the events of Gunpowder take place before the North American Wild West was a thing.

Gunpowder, which will be told in three parts, will be a fast-paced take on the infamous 17th-century Gunpowder Plot that went on to be remembered (remembered) through the commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day on the fifth of November. As Robert Catesby, Kit Harington will play the man responsible for conceiving the conspiratorial plan to assassinate King James I by way of blowing up the British House of Lords. Guy Fawkes, meanwhile, will be played by Downton Abbey's Tom Cullen, while The Leftovers' Liv Tyler will star as Anne Vaux, Robert's cousin who gets looped into the dangerous plot.

The picture above doesn't do much to show audiences what to expect, beyond Kit Harington in more non-modern dress, but you can check out the very first trailer for Gunpowder below. (Don't expect any V for Vendetta masks here.)

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It looks like Robert Catesby would never be someone called out for knowing nothing, as he's the guy with all the plans. And Kit Harington knows quite a bit here as well, since he co-developed the project with screenwriter Ronan Bennett and Daniel West, who also acts in the miniseries as Thomas Percy. The 5th Wave's J. Blakeson is directing, with a supporting cast that also includes Mark Gatiss, Peter Mullan, Edward Holcroft, Shaun Dooley, Robert Emms and Derek Riddell.

And because the trailer was light on all things "Liv Tyler," check out the first look at her presumably prim character below.

liv tyler gunpowder miniseries

Gunpowder doesn't yet have a release date set, and BBC One is set to air the three-part tale at some point this fall. With Endemol Shine International handling the global distribution, one hopes that BBC America will get brought into the fold, so that Game of Thrones fans here in the States can check this exciting project out. In the meantime, though, you can check out everything else coming to the small screen with our fall premiere schedule.

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