All of Justice League's main heroes had already appeared in the DC Extended Universe before the movie's release, whether they were major players in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or merely cameoed. But it's in the DCEU's most recent entry that Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg all came together to foil Steppenwolf's plan to reshape Earth in Apokolips' image. Our world is once again safe, and these heroes will team up again should someone or something else threaten humanity. But for now, they've gone their separate ways, and with that in mind, we're going over where Justice League left each protagonist and how that will play into their DCEU future.

Warning: SPOILERS for Justice League are ahead!


Batman was the driving force to form the Justice League, and he aims to keep the team together to deal with other major threats. With Wayne Manor having spent years unoccupied after suffering major damage from a fire, Bruce Wayne decided with Diana Prince and Alfred Pennyworth to turn his old family home into the Justice League's headquarters, with six dedicated spaces at the meeting table, but "room for more." Batman is in this for the long haul, and since his current residence, the Glasshouse, is on the Wayne Manor estate, he can keep a close eye on this Hall of Justice. Of course, in addition to his new Justice League duties, Batman still needs to keep Gotham City safe, making all the more necessary to keep his alliance with Commissioner James Gordon intact.

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