Hear Cyborg Drop His Catchphrase in New Justice League Clip

The DC Comics character Cyborg has grown in popularity a lot over the last few years. Part of this is due to DC giving him a major boost by rebooting him into being a founding member of the Justice League, but he was arguably first set on the path thanks to the Teen Titans animated series. That show featured a less tortured Cyborg in favor of a more fun portrayal that loved eating pizza, playing video games and, most of all, saying "booyah" a lot. The feature film Justice League has decided to keep this quirk and you can hear Cyborg's catchphrase in the clip below.

While the video itself is only six seconds long, it does contain cool action shots of the members of the Justice League. The most notable, however, would be Cyborg uttering, "booyah," his catchphrase. Ray Fisher doesn't quite deliver it with the jubilation as his animated counterpart, but it looks like he was victorious in something. Cyborg saying "booyah" first picked up steam in the original Teen Titans cartoon. Since then the character has said it in everything from comics to video games, and now it looks like we can add movies to that list.

Cyborg saying his catchphrase might be a sign of some of that fun, lighter tone that Justice League is said to have. Several trailers and commercials have shown Flash, Aquaman and even Batman telling jokes, but Cyborg seemed to be the more stoic one on the team. That would make sense given the circumstances of how he got his powers and the identity crisis that followed, but he won't be all doom and gloom. It was said that during reshoots, Cyborg was given some lighter scenes, so fans can expect some smiles from Cyborg.

Described as being the heart of the movie, Cyborg will make his live-action debut in Justice League. Formally a college football star on his way to the pros, his life was ripped from him after a tragic accident. His father, Silas Stone, saved his life by making him into a living computer man, but at the cost of a regular life. After his father is kidnapped by parademons, Cyborg joins Batman and a team of metahumans to fight off an alien invasion.

Justice League is all set to arrive in theaters on November 17, 2017. If you want to make sure you have a seat during your showing, remember to pre-order your ticket here. While waiting the last few weeks for the movie, bone up on everything you need to know with our comprehensive guide and confirmed character list. For more movie news make sure to keep it hear at CinemaBlend and we'll be sure to keep you updated with new information.

Matt Wood

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