Apparently Peter Pan Helped Allison Williams Land Get Out

Rose drinking Milk in Get Out

It's a great time to be a horror fan. The genre is in a bit of a renaissance at the moment, as films distributed by Blumhouse productions continue to thrill and innovate. One of the biggest surprise hits from recent memory is Jordan Peele's Get Out, which used social commentary about racism alongside a horrifying concept of mind control and possession. The acclaimed film starred Daniel Kaluuya and Girls alum Allison Williams, with the latter playing a cold and calculated villain during the back half of the film. And now it looks like Williams got the role of Rose due to her performance in NBC's Peter Pan Live! She recently explained how playing the boy that never grew up helped her land the role, saying:

Jordan cast me because of Peter Pan. He was like, 'If she could fly on live television for three hours with Christopher Walken walking around beneath her, she'll do anything...She's got this innocence, she played Peter Pan, We need someone who immediately the audience trusts because the movie just gets going and you have to be on her side.

It turns out that Allison Williams flying and singing as the title character in Peter Pan helped book her a part that is basically the polar opposite. Rather than a fairy tale favorite, she plays a predator who hunts outstanding black men so that she and her family could take control of their body. That stuff definitely doesn't fly in Neverland.

Allison Williams' comments from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon highlights how Get Out pulls one over on the audience, as well as Daniel Kaluuya's character Chris. Rose is introduced as a sweet and loving boyfriend of Chris, who doesn't think that their interracial relationship is something that needs an explanation to her parents. And when the couple are pulled over on the way to her family's home, she seemingly stands up against the officer's inherent racism in asking for Chris' license.

Of course, it turns out that all of Rose's actions during the film's first half are part of an insidious plan. After she refuses to give Chris the keys in the third act, her choices become clear. She was actually luring Chris to her parents' in order to put an old white man into his body, and didn't let the officer take his license so there wouldn't be a paper trail. Rose ended up being the big villain of the film, and we've never seen a bowl of fruit loops the same since.

It's funny that Allison Williams' work with Christopher Walken in Peter Pan Live! was more significant to Jordan Peele than her impressive tenure on Girls. Then again, Marnie was never quite that likable in Girls, so perhaps Peele needed to see her flying and singing to observe a different side of the actress.

Get Out is currently available for home purchase, and will be competing in the Golden Globes in the comedy categories. Check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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