The Funny Wonder Woman And Aquaman Scene Justice League Cut, According To Jason Momoa

Wonder Woman and Aquaman in promo images

Zack Snyder's Justice League has been in theaters for a full week, and new information about the blockbuster is being revealed almost every day. After Snyder dropped out of the project due to a personal tragedy, Joss Whedon was hired to complete the movie. But both Whedon and the studio seemed to meddle with Snyder's original vision quite a bit, resulting in a ton of original footage and scenes being cut from the final product.

In addition to multiple characters being cut from the film, it turns out that one deleted scene featured Jaosn Momoa's Aquaman boozing it up with Wonder Woman. Momoa recently revealed details from this scene with Gal Gadot for News 18, saying:

Remember that one scene we did, which got cut out of it? There's this great scene 'cause I, like, pull out my little flask and am like, here. And it's Wonder Woman, she's like, 'No, thank you.' She's such a lady, you know! I'm such a -- just a big dumb-dumb. She's like, 'No, thank you, Arthur.'

I guess Arthur Curry really drinks like a fish. Bad puns aside, this is yet another sequence that didn't make it into the finished cut of Justice League. And instead of cutting a scene that was too long, this was just a quick joke that could have very easily made it into the film.

The main focus on Justice League, aside from the battle against Steppenwolf and his parademon forces, is seeing the motley crew of heroes attempt to navigate their interpersonal issues and work together to save the Earth. This was the root for much for much of the film's comedy, as the heroes each had vastly different personalities. Aquaman and Ezra Miller's Flash were probably the two funniest members of the League, as they had the biggest personalities. This will likely help out James Wan's Aquaman be a hit when it arrive in theaters next year.

This deleted scene wasn't the only time that Arthury Curry was shown enjoying the sauce. After rescuing a sailor early on in the film, he grabs a bottle of booze from the bar and says "it's on him". This is one of the few Justice League trailer moments that actually made it into the film, and was no doubt something folks were looking forward to at theaters. Now if only they didn't cut so many other big trailer scenes as well.

Overall, it seems like Aquaman is the character who got the most scenes cut from Justice League. The studio's insistence that the film was cut down in length left the Atlantean out to dry, although it seems that actor Jason Momoa isn't too worried about it. After all, Aquaman will be the next blockbuster in the shared universe.

Justice League is currently in theaters, sans the above scene. Be sure to check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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