One Interesting Wrinkle That Could Happen If The Disney And Fox Deal Goes Through

Disney and Fox

Will they or won't they? That's the question film fans and all of Hollywood has been asking about the possible deal between Disney and Fox where the Mouse House would purchase 21st Century Fox's film and television properties. This deal would have massive implications for both the business side of Hollywood, as well as the fantastical worlds these studios bring to life onscreen. This deal would make Disney, if it isn't already, the biggest baddest studio on the block. However, there may be another interesting wrinkle to the deal wherein Fox Chief Executive, James Murdoch, could be in line to replace Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Bob Iger has already announced his intention to retire when his contract is up in 2019. James Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, could be Bob Iger's successor if this deal goes through. According to Fortune, while there is no guarantee, if Disney does buy the Fox assets, it is very likely James Murdoch would at least get a senior executive role in the company. It is possible that James Murdoch would have to prove himself running one of Disney's businesses before assuming the top spot. This sort of executive swapping is common at the highest levels of business and shouldn't come as a surprise.

The saga of the Disney/Fox deal has been an interesting one to follow this past month or so. While talks had seemingly ended, they restarted back up and just yesterday came a report from CNBC that the two companies seem to be closing in on a deal that could be announced as soon as next week. Under the potential $60 billion deal, Disney would get the film and television studios of 21st Century Fox as well as Fox's cable networks, regional sports networks, Sky and its share of Hulu. Fox would maintain ownership of Fox News.

Whoever replaces Bob Iger has got some seriously huge shoes to fill. Bob Iger replaced Michael Eisner in 2005 and during his tenure Disney has reached unimaginable heights to become the entertainment giant it is today. Bob Iger oversaw the Disney purchases of iconic brands like Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. The Disney theme parks that dot the globe have also seen massive expansions under Bob Iger's reign. The movie studio has reached new heights and this year alone has already raked in $5 billion with Star Wars: The Last Jedi still to come. Bob Iger's Disney will continue its quest for world domination when it launches its Netflix-rivaling streaming service in the coming years.

This potential deal has wide-ranging implications and the questions only grow in number should it go through. There will be a lot to unpack and the fruits of the deal may not be seen onscreen in the immediate future. Stay tuned to CinemBlend as we bring you all the latest on the Disney andFox deal and the swapping of corporate overlords.

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