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Andi Matichak

The new Halloween movie was already setting itself up for success when it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would be returning to the franchise, but she's not the only actress who will be leading the new project. It appears that the new Halloween will feature three generations of the Strode family. In addition to Curtis and Judy Greer, who plays the role of Curtis' daughter. It has now been announced that newcomer Andi Matichak has been cast to play Curtis' granddaughter.

Andi Matichak is a relative unknown who has appeared in a couple of films and made appearances on TV shows like Blue Bloods and Orange is the New Black, but according to The Tracking Board, she beat out several other contenders for the role. The new Halloween will be Matichak's most significant role to date. Since Halloween is one of those slasher movies that tend to feature young victims. It's safe to assume that Matichek will actually be the focus of the story, as there's a good chance that Michael Myers will be going after her, at least for a large portion of the time.

Having said that, we do know that Laurie Strode will still be a significant character, as the script was apparently written in such a way as to give Jamie Lee Curtis a part that she wouldn't be able to say no to. It would appear that this plan was successful.

It's great to see new actors getting big breaks like this. Clearly, Andi Matichak was able to impress the powers behind the new Halloween, which includes John Carpenter, the creator of the franchise, who will be acting as a producer on the new movie. He has given his blessing to the new project, which is another good sign.

The new Halloween is being directed by David Gordon Green from a script he co-wrote with Danny McBride. It's being produced by Blumhouse, a company that has been focusing on smaller budget, but higher quality, horror projects. If the new Halloween is as successful next year as Get Out or Split were this year, we could see the entire franchise get a much needed shot in the arm.

Danny McBride has said that the new Halloween will be focusing on making a horror movie filled with tension, rather than one that focuses on blood and violence, which he believes will help recapture the spirit of the original. Halloween has been trying to recapture that spirit with every sequel, and while not all of them have been terrible, it's hard to argue that any were quite as good as John Carpenter's original.

We're looking forward to the new Halloween which will be hitting theaters next October. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend to learn more as details continue to be revealed about this returning franchise.

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