The DC Superhero Pitch Perfect 3's Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Play

Hailee Steinfeld in Pitch Perfect 2

It's no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and X-Men franchise (which may soon join the MCU), there is no shortage of superhero roles to be had on the silver screen. Plenty of A-list talent has attached itself to these massively popular properties, and now it looks like actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld is hoping to get in on the action. Steinfeld has always taken acting projects on top of her career as a pop artist, and now she wants to get into some tights and kick some ass. Specifically, she'd love to play Batgirl in the DCEU.

This news comes to us from MTV, which interviewed the cast of Pitch Perfect 3 ahead of its release. Hailee Steinfeld will be reprising her role as Emily in the threequel, and she was asked if she'd like to become a superhero in the future. While she originally skirted around which specific hero, her interviewer suggested Batgirl and she quickly agreed, claiming that was what she was thinking the whole time.

While Hailee Steinfeld might not be the most obvious choice to play Barbara Gordon in Joss Whedon's upcoming Batgirl movie, she's given some impressive performances outside of the a capella world. Steinfeld first gained notoriety for The Coen Brothers' remake of True Grit. She played Mattie Ross, and received an Academy Award nomination for her performance. She also played the title role in the latest Romeo and Juliet movie, as well as an acclaimed performance opposite Woody Harrelson in The Edge of Seventeen. And given her notoriety as a pop singer, Steinfeld certainly has the star power to possibly land herself a role in the DCEU and carry a film.

Batgirl in The Killing Joke

While the DC Extended Universe is constantly expanding, there has been little updates regarding the upcoming Batgirl movie. All we know is that Buffy and The Avengers director will be helming the project, once again proving his penchant for strong female leads. While we all assume the film will revolve around Barbara Gordon, it's not clear if that's true, or what the timeline of the film would be. Ben Affleck's Batman is tenured and exhausted from his time fighting crime, so it would make sense for his Batgirl to be a bit older and more weathered than Hailee Steinfeld. Then again, we may get a story about a younger Barbara Gordon, possibly even seeing how she eventually became Oracle. Neither Batgirl nor Barbara have been referenced in the DCEU yet, so it's all a mystery as to how the character is being handled.

Hailee Steinfeld isn't the only actress who has throw her name into the ring to possibly play the DCEU's Batgirl. Some fans thought Emma Stone would be a great choice, while Baywatch actress Priyanka Chopra has expressed interest in playing the role. And with no release date for the film, it's unclear when any of our questions would be answered.

You can catch Hailee Steinfeld in Pitch Perfect 3, debuting on December 22nd. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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