Olaf's Frozen Adventure made its debut on the big screen last month before jumping to television, but now it's available for everybody to check out whenever they want, and there are some reasons you might want to. While the film got a little beat up by those going to see Coco, the fact is that most were simply frustrated with its excessive length being put in front of a nearly two-hour feature. The quality of the show itself is solid, and when viewed by itself there's plenty to enjoy.

If the theatrical response has you considering ignoring this one, here are three reasons to reconsider Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

Olaf Is Still Funny

Frozen as a whole sort of surprised everybody with how successful and popular it was when it was first released. One of the biggest surprises was just how good the comic relief sidekick actually was. Olaf was legitimately funny in Frozen and Josh Gad's comic timing hasn't lost a step in Olaf's Frozen Adventure. This is very much his story, and Olaf reminds us why we liked him so much the first time around. He's still the cute slapstick guy the kids will love, but there's plenty of humor for the adults as well.

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