A Little Kid Sang Remember Me From Coco To His Little Sister Who Passed Away

Pixar's newest film, Coco, was an emotional story that touched the hearts of many. It also recently inspired a beautiful act of love by a young boy, who sang the film's signature song to remember his sister who had passed away. A video has gone viral on Twitter which shows a four-year-old boy singing the song "Remember Me" to his sister on what would have been her first birthday. Make sure you've got tissues close by for this one.

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At all of four years old, this little boy wanted to sing a song to his sister and show that he had not forgotten her. He's got his little guitar and he strums it while he sings the words to "Remember Me" from Coco. As the tweet says, the boy didn't know he was being watched. It's like we're spying on this personal moment between these siblings, but at the same time, you can't help but get a little emotional about it.

Coco told the story of a boy who found himself in the Land of the Dead, where he met several of his deceased ancestors. He learned the truth about his own family as well as the importance of not forgetting them. The song "Remember Me" was a key part of the film, and was heard several times, including, in the film's most emotional moment, when young Miguel sang the song to his great-grandmother.

Coco is a movie that's likely to resonate with anybody who has lost somebody that they dearly loved, and seeing it in action here is touching. In addition to the well over 100,000 likes the post has received, the video clip was retweeted by Coco director Lee Unkrich, which has only boosted the posts notoriety.

While Coco hasn't been a massive box office success domestically (though it's done fine), it has been a huge critical one. Coco is one of the best-reviewed films from a studio that almost always receives positive reviews. It's one of the highest grossing films in the history of Mexico, not surprising, since the film is based entirely on Mexican culture, which doesn't normally get the spotlight like this in a major Hollywood production. Coco likely was something of an education for an audience not largely familiar with the Day of the Dead celebration.

In addition to the film success in Mexico, it's also been a surprise hit in China, where Coco has grossed more money at the box office than every other Pixar movie released there, combined.

The death of a child is a tragic event, but based on what we've seen here, many more people will remember this little girl thanks to the video of her brother. Coco was all about the importance of remembering those we've lost, so it seems that message has been received loud and clear.

Dirk Libbey
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