Warning: this article contains SPOILERS for David Ayer's Bright! Read ahead at your own risk!

Netflix is no stranger to the world of original films, but with Bright, the streaming platform has finally entered the landscape of big-budget blockbuster filmmaking. David Ayer's gritty, fairy tale cop thriller generated some significant viewership numbers when it premiered last month, and that success has led to the quick announcement of Bright 2, with Ayer returning alongside Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

While there's undoubtedly going to be some excitement among the film's fans, now also seems like a time to figure out what Bright 2 can do to surpass the merits of the original. With that in mind, we have put together a handy list of changes that this burgeoning franchise should make as it moves into its second installment.

Feature A Better Villain

Right off the bat, it needs to be said that one of Bright's weakest narrative elements was its villain. Noomi Rapace is a phenomenal actress and was a physical powerhouse in Bright's fight scenes, but the Prometheus star was given almost nothing to work with as Leilah. Regardless of whether Bright 2 finds a way to bring her back or if the film simply moves on and finds another bad guy altogether, we want Ward and Jakoby to face off against an antagonist who reads as earned, menacing, empathetic and generally more engaging than the crooked cops and arch villains that showed up in the first movie. Heroes are only as good as their most sinister bad guys, so the sequel should pull out all of the stops to show us the heroics that ward and Jakoby are capable of. Think Darth Vader, Loki or Hans Gruber.

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