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Gary Oldman Already Has An Idea For Who Should Play Batman After Ben Affleck

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon

The DC Extended Universe is a tricky place. While still very much in its infancy, the shared universe has released a handful of major blockbusters to varying degrees of success. The future of the DCEU is largely a mystery, especially when it comes to Ben Affleck's incarnation of Batman. The actor/director seems unsure about how long he'd like to stay in the cowl, despite being perhaps the best part of films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As such, fans have been theorizing about the character's fate, and who might replace Affleck if he chooses to step away from the iconic role. And it turns out that Dark Knight Trilogy actor Gary Oldman has an idea about who it should be.

I would like to see someone like Joaquin Phoenix play it. This is no disrespect to Ben Affleck. I think it really depends on who is at the wheel that lifts it.

Christopher Nolan's Commissioner Gordon has spoken. And he believes that the Oscar nominated Walk the Line actor would be a great choice to play Gotham's protector. Although there are pros and cons to that potential casting choice.

Gary Oldman's comments about Joaquin Phoenix to Too Fab are sure to excite the many Batman fans out there who adored his performances in the Dark Knight films. Besides being one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, he also knows the Batman lore through his tenure as Batman's most trusted ally. Oldman knows what it takes to make a great Batman; how he must be both threatening as the hero and charming as the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. And Oldman believes Phoenix is the guy to do it.

Moviegoers have no doubt seen performances by Joaquin Phoenix that provide all of the colors he'd need as The Caped Crusader. He showed how ruthless he could be as Commodus in Gladiator, and his more charming side in movies like Signs and Her. Of course, playing Batman would require the actor to bulk up a bit and train for the myriad action sequences, but he's a strong enough actor to be able to juggle the many sides of Batman's psyche. He's also roughly the same age as Ben Affleck, allowing Batman to continue being a bit older and experienced in crime fighting.

Joaquin Phoenix is just the latest in a long line of actors to be considered to follow up Ben Affleck's shaky tenure as Batman. One of the most popular possible candidates is Jake Gyllenhaal, who has demonstrated the right physicality and grit in Southpaw.

No matter who eventually takes up the role, the shared universe is going to have to utilize some creative writing to bring a new actor under the cowl. Alas, we'll just have to wait and see how long Ben Affleck lasts as Batman. He's currently set to appear in the upcoming Flashpoint film, which might be an opportunity for the DCEU to be changed in such a drastic way.

The next installment in the DC Extended Universe is James Wan's Aquaman on December 21, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies this year.

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