40 Year Old Virgin's Steve Carell Finally Met Kelly Clarkson, And It Was Perfect

Steve Carell made the jump from television to film in large part thanks to the success of the 40-Year-Old Virgin. One of the most famous celebrities in that film doesn't actually appear. Instead, she's just referenced. During a very famous scene, Carell calls out the name of pop star Kelly Clarkson. On Sunday at the Golden Globe award ceremony, the man who screamed her name apparently met the woman whose name was used a curse for the very first time. Check it out.

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Kelly Clarkson was a presenter at this year's Golden Globe awards where she handed out the trophy for Best Original Song. Steve Carell was nominated for a Best Actor award for his performance in the film Battle of the Sexes. At some point, the pair got together for a picture which Carell posted with the simple word "Finally."

For some, this is just a picture of a couple of celebrities at an event together, no big deal. But for fans of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, this is something else entirely. Kelly Clarkson plays a famous role in during what is probably the most widely known scene in the film. At one point in the story, Steve Carell's friends convince him to get his body waxed, leading to a sequence where the actor's impressive chest hair is ripped off a strip at a time. What follows is one of the most impressive streams of profanity ever caught on film. Although, not everything Carell says is actually vulgar, several phrases are simply used in such a way as to make them sound vulgar. And thus, Kelly Clarkson became a swear word.

As it turns out, Steve Carell wasn't the only one who enjoyed the first time meeting. Kelly Clarkson herself posted to Twitter that meeting the actor who swore out her name was one of the favorite moments of her life. She even added a hashtag to return the favor.

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It seems that everybody in attendance had a good time at this year's Golden Globes. Even Meryl Streep seemed to enjoy having her seat stolen. With plenty more awards shows to come, we're looking forward to many more entertaining moments like these.

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