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Warning: some mild SPOILERS ahead for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League! You've been warned!

Though it was one of the earliest films announced when the DCEU slate was initially unveiled in the lead-up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we haven't heard much about Cyborg recently. However, Silas Stone actor Joe Morton recently addressed the status of the film and explained that it may not only still happen, but it could also shine a light on the origin story of Victor Stone (Ray Fisher) before his transformation into Cyborg. Morton said:

From what I understand, there will be a Cyborg movie. It will be about him and I, and about the family that he came from, how he becomes the Cyborg, et cetera. But from whence he came, as well. I think it's very exciting. I think it's exciting because there aren't that many, if any, black superheroes, and in his case in particular, because there is no alias, because there is nothing for him to hide behind, and that he has to be who he is all the time.

The earliest canonical footage (a.k.a footage that made it to the big screen) that we have to work with for Cyborg is the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flashback showing his transformation as he fused with the Mother Box. From there, all Justice League's theatrical cut explained to us was that Vic was in an accident crippled him and killed his mother. With the Cyborg movie (if it does indeed happen), the plan appears to be to dive into the specifics of that incident and offer up a more robust emotional throughline on Vic's path to acceptance of his new role as Cyborg.

The emphasis on Victor Stone's backstory in his solo movie could also go a long way towards explaining why certain scenes didn't make it into the theatrical cut of Zack Snyder's Justice League. Some of the most notable omissions from the film that audiences could see in the trailers involved flashbacks to Vic's life before his accident, including several of him as a football star in a Gotham City college.

At this point, nobody seems to know if we will ever get a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, but if the folks at Warner Bros. intend to dive into Cyborg's origin story during his solo movie, then it means that these cut sequences could still make their into the DCEU at some point. This could involve reshooting them or merely repackaging the existing footage for use in the Cyborg movie, but either way, it seems logical to assume that many fans would love the chance to see a closer look at the metallic hero's origin story.

One other thing noted by Joe Morton's remarks to ET about the Cyborg movie is the fact that it stands out for its positioning of a black superhero without a secret identity. The DCEU hasn't offered a center stage for a black comic book character to take the limelight yet (let alone one who is publicly known as a hero), and it sounds like that's a specific dynamic that Morton is excited to explore as they examine Vic's full origin story.

The Cyborg solo movie was slapped with a 2020 release window when it was first announced, but given so many recent behind-the-scenes changes at DC and Warner Bros., we will make sure to keep you updated if that changes. As for the next installment in the DCEU, make sure to watch out for Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry when James Wan's Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21!

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