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How Spawn Will Communicate In The Reboot, According To Todd McFarlane

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Like any good reboot, the upcoming Spawn is taking steps to ensure that there's enough different about it from what came before. While there will still be some superhero elements in the reboot, it will be more firmly rooted in the horror genre than its 1997 predecessor. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, who's directing the new movie, also recently said that this version of the character will not speak. However, that doesn't mean we won't be able to understand Spawn, and McFarlane has elaborated on how the protagonist will communicate, saying:

So, there's a nuance here right? So Spawn, the being of Spawn, the sentinel being of Spawn doesn't speak, but I've created another way to be able to give him a voice. But what won't happen is that you won't see Spawn in his big costume and cape go 'hello everybody. I'm here to save the day'. None of that.

So in sharp contrast with Michael Jai White's Spawn, who spoke like a normal human after dying and being reborn as a demonic creature, this new version of Spawn won't be going around being a chatterbox. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I'm glad they he won't be loudly boasting his arrival when he's fighting the forces of evil in the Blumhouse production. Fortunately, we'll still have insight into Spawn's thoughts and feelings. While McFarlane didn't directly reveal to exactly how Spawn will communicate, he did note that longtime fans of the Spawn comic book will be able to figure out how this will be accomplished. As McFarlane put it:

But the presence of Spawn will have an outlet to get across his voice in a manner that will be fairly obvious to people who follow the Spawn comic book over the years.

Although Spawn will obviously have a heavy presence of the upcoming reboot, he will not be the main character. Todd McFarlane also recently said that the movie will have a heavily police presence, primarily represented through Detective Maximillian "Twitch" Williams. So whenever Twitch and his fellow law enforcement officers run into Spawn on the streets of New York City, they're not going to hear a word from this terrifying being. Given how little we know about the movie, it remains to be seen if this "voice" will allow the human characters to understand Spawn or if only the audience will be directly clued in on what he's thinking and feeling. Either way, no doubt this "voice" will be one of the many ways that the Spawn reboot will supply creepiness and earn its hardcore R rating.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on how the Spawn reboot is coming along. In the meantime, take a look through our 2018 premiere guide to plan your trips to the movie theater this year accordingly.

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