Watch Nicolas Cage Give An Awkward, Five-Word Review Of Justice League

Once upon a time, a million years ago, if things had gone just a little differently, Nicolas Cage could have been Superman. Unfortunately for him, that means he'll likely be giving his opinions on DC movies for the rest of his life. Recently, Cage was asked what he thought of the most recent DC movie, Justice League. It's clear it's about the last thing he wants to discuss, but he gives an honest, if brief, review of the film. Check it out in the video below.

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Nicolas Cage reviews Justice League in five simple words for Variety, "I thought it was fun." He doesn't go beyond that, and then laughs about the fact that he's not going to go beyond that. No film franchise seems to be as divisive as the DC films these days and Cage knows that if he were to go into further detail of his thoughts on Justice League he'd be opening a can of worms that he really doesn't want to get into, regardless of which side of the fence he fell on.

From there, however, things get even more awkward when Nicolas Cage is asked about the possibility that he might ever play Superman. He shuts down the idea hard, saying he doesn't think about himself ever playing Superman "at all." It sounds like he has so far removed himself from the idea that even considering the question or being asked to review a movie he happened to see has him a little back on his heels.

As popular a character as Superman is, bringing him back to the big screen after Christopher Reeve's run was a difficult process. The most famous "almost happened" story about the character saw Tim Burton nearly direct Nicolas Cage in the title role. Images of Cage in a Superman suit have traveled around the internet since then, so we know exactly how close things came to happen. Also, Cage named his child Kal-El, so there's really no way to understate just how big a fan of Superman the actor is. One has to believe that not playing the part is something of a sore subject.

Instead of Nicolas Cage's Superman, we eventually got Brandon Routh in the not particularly well received Superman Returns. That film's lack of ability to catch hold meant the character would again go dormant until 2013's Man of Steel.

Overall, Nicolas Cage handles the whole thing with a particular sort of style which is unique to Nicolas Cage. He looks less like Superman and more like Elvis here, and while his words make it clear this all got a little weird, his face never breaks. We'll never know what Nicolas Cage would have been like as Superman, we're pretty sure he knows he would have been awesome, and that's all that really matters.

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