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The First Fake Dundee Trailer Does, In Fact, Feature Russell Crowe

Over the past several days we've been treated to numerous Austrailian celebrities appearance in a movie that isn't real. The newest "trailer" for the movie we all wish was happening, introduces the entire cast, and it turns out it's all even bigger than we thought. The "film" is actually a promotion for Australian tourism that includes performances from every famous actor from down under you can think of. And yes, that does include Russell Crowe, who, somewhat unsurprisingly, is playing the villain. Check out the cast trailer for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home below.

The commercial, which will run during this weekend's Super Bowl has been drip fed to us over the last few days. We say Danny McBride get introduced as the son of Mick Dundee along with Chris Hemsworth. We saw Hugh Jackman tease his appearance and Margot Robbie shared an image of herself with Mick Dundee himself, Paul Hogan. Now, we know that they'll be joined by the likes of Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, and even Ruby Rose.

For the purposes of the story in this fake movie, Russell Crowe plays the role of J.P. Steele, who is apparently an evil newspaper publisher. That's pretty perfect, because it's about the most 80s role you can think of for a villain. Newspapers aren't exactly huge business these days and the idea of a newspaper publisher "owning" Australia is humorous all by itself. His dialogue is even 80s movie villain levels of corny, but Crowe delivers it perfectly. Clearly, Crowe's character is designed after another famous Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, who did start his media empire with newspapers, and still owns a few, but has since made television a much bigger part of his business.

In addition to Crowe, the cast trailer also introduces Ruby Rose, who will be playing a police chief in the Super Bowl spot, she calls back to the most famous Crocodile Dundee line when she asks over her radio exactly what size knife we're talking about here. Isla Fisher also appears as a veterinarian dealing with a sick wallaby. Exactly how that's going to fit into the story is unclear, but hey, there's a wallaby drinking from a bottle, so that's cute.

The only person we don't see in the trailer is Paul Hogan himself as Mick Dundee. That, of course, will almost certainly be saved for the actual Super Bowl spot set to air this Sunday.

We've got to hand to Australia's tourism organization as the fake movie they've made has become one of the most popular films out there right now. If somebody wanted to actually make this movie, we're guessing there'd be an audience for it.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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