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Check Out The First Look At Jamie Lee Curtis In The Halloween Reboot

Four decades after The Shape's initial rampage through Haddonfield, Illinois, the terror is still lurking around. On that note, the Halloween franchise is currently gearing up to return in a big way with David Gordon Green's Halloween, which will debut on October 19. There's a lot of fan enthusiasm going into the film, and Jamie Lee Curtis has just shared our first good glimpse at what the new incarnation of Laurie Strode will look like in the movie. Check out the picture, below.

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That shot does not appear to be from a scene in the actual film (the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is standing next to David Gordon Green is a dead giveaway), but it offers a clear look at what Jamie Lee Curtis will look like in the film. Specifically, unlike the first official image that we received from Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis will lack the short haircut that she has sported in recent years.

In fact, it is obvious that Halloween isn't shying away from the fact that four decades have passed since October 31, 1978, as she truly looks like an older version of the bookish and shy Laurie introduced in the first film. Some fans have wondered how Halloween will endeavor to set itself apart from 1998's Halloween H20 (which told a very similar story about Laurie dealing with her PTSD twenty years after the original film), but the look of this new Laurie definitely seems to sell what the movie is going for in terms of the person she has become in the four decades since that horrific night. It's definitely not the private school headmistress look seen in H20.

Halloween H20 Laurie Strode

Even looking beyond this picture from Jamie Lee Curtis' Twitter page, there's a lot to get excited about behind the scenes for the Halloween reboot-sequel. For starters, David Gordon Green is currently riding high off of the critical acclaim that he received for his work on Stronger earlier this year, and it is clear that he is breaking from his comedy background in a big way.

Aside from that, Halloween is shifting away from the franchise's somewhat muddled continuity and only focusing on the aftermath of the original John Carpenter (who is executive producing the project) film from 1978. This change means that the film will not have to contend with the convoluted storylines involving Laurie's daughter Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) or the Rob Zombie reboot movies, a.k.a. 2007's Halloween and 2009's Halloween II.

David Gordon Green's Halloween will premiere in theaters later this year on October 19, just in time for (you guessed it) Halloween. That said, the long-awaited reboot-sequel is only one of several horror movies worth watching out for this year, so make sure to check out our handy 2018 horror guide, as well as our 2018 movie premiere guide!

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