Heath Ledger's Family Says The Actor Would Have Played Joker In Another Batman Movie

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Although, DC has moved on to a whole new set of movies featuring a very different Batman, Christopher Nolan's Batman films are still a crowning achievement for DC and Warner Bros., and a lot of fond memories related to the trilogy of movies have to do with Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker. People liked what Ledger did with the character quite a bit, and now the actor's sister Kate Ledger has revealed he would have played The Joker in another one of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, which lines up with reports that came out previously. In a recent interview, she said:

He was so proud of what he had done in Batman. And I know he had plans for another Batman. He loved working with Chris Nolan and Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. He just had the best time ever doing that film. When he came home at Christmas he couldn't wait to tell us all about it and he was doing the voice and laughing, showing me all the rushes. We had a great time.

Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors who has been both popular and lauded with awards acclaim during his career as a director. As such, a lot of actors flock to work with, and it's not a huge shock to hear that Heath Ledger apparently had a good time filming The Dark Knight, despite playing such a villainous character. (Granted, if Ledger had been able to reprise the Joker, The Dark Knight Rises doubtless would have been a very different movie.) Kate Ledger also told News.com.au that she's always surprised to hear when people talk about Heath Ledger's demons before his death. She noted:

He was a really happy person and he had huge plans for his future. I spoke to him the night before (he died) and we were laughing and joking.

We've heard a lot about Heath Ledger's time on the set of The Dark Knight previously. People are rather fascinated by the movie, because Heath Ledger accidentally overdosed on prescription drugs while the film was still coming together in post-production, passing away at the age of 28. At the time, there was speculation that Heath Ledger may have been having trouble mentally after playing such a horrifying and chaotic character in the Batman universe, although Heath Ledger's sister has also refuted this, saying he "was having fun" playing the character.

Around the time that this happened, Christopher Nolan nixed the idea of having a different Joker show up in what became The Dark Knight Rises. Instead, we got a plot with Catwoman and Bane, and the Joker only came back to the big screen when Jared Leto signed on for a role in Suicide Squad. But it's nice to hear Kate Ledger reveal that Heath Ledger had fun working with Nolan on The Dark Knight and that there could have been room for the character to come back, had things shaken out in a different way.

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