Last night, Marvel dropped a new Avengers: Infinity War preview during the Super Bowl, which showed off a lot of new footage over just 30 seconds. Most of the commercial revolved around the starring heroes, but at the very end, we got a new look at Thanos, the main antagonist who's been teased ever since 2012's The Avengers. The Mad Titan was only on-screen for a second, but that was long enough for speculation to start pouring in that the scars shown on his face came from a world-famous Marvel Comics mutant who's the best at what he does, which isn't very nice.

After the Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl TV spot dropped, some Marvel fans wondered if Wolverine was responsible for the scars on Thanos' face, indicating that they've gone mano a mano in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wolverine and Thanos have fought before in the comics, and Wolverine's adamantium claws would be able to permanently disfigure the Mad Titan's face if he was able to get close enough. That being said, there are a number of reasons why it's extremely doubtful that Wolverine and Thanos have crossed paths in the MCU, starting with the fact that those claw marks on Thanos' face aren't his only visible scars.

Thanos Has A Lot Of Scars

If Thanos is anything like his comic book counterpart, he's been around a long time and taken part in a lot of battles. One doesn't become one of the most feared warlords in the galaxy by sitting on the sidelines and letting flunkies handle all your battles. So yes, there are some scars on the right side (his left) of Thanos' face that resemble Wolverine's claw marks, but you'll also notice in other looks at the Mad Titan that not only is the other side of his face scarred, but he has scars all around his body. Imagining that Josh Brolin's Thanos has already thrown down with Wolverine is certainly fun, but with all the threats and opponents that he's combated over his long lifetime, there's no shortage of possibilities of who or hat could have clawed Thanos' face like that. Hell, if his own claws were outfitted with vibranium or a metal similar to adamantium in durability, Rocket Raccoon could have scarred Thanos' face. I doubt that happened, but it's possible.

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