With Deadpool 2 Reshoots, Josh Brolin And Ryan Reynolds Are Still Trolling Each Other

The original Deadpool went full-on meta with a hilarious marketing campaign that was nearly as much fun as the movie itself - so naturally the marketing and brilliant use of social media is continuing for the sequel. Ever since Josh Brolin was cast as Cable in Deadpool 2, he and Ryan Reynolds have been having a fun bit of back and forth online. Now, as the highly anticipated blockbuster heads into reshoots ahead of its May release, the actors behind the Merc with a Mouth and the time-traveling warrior continue to troll each other. Take a look.

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So yeah, pretty sure that's not Josh Brolin, but that is some absolutely ludicrous athleticism. I love the way Josh Brolin plays it here, pretending that it is him and that he is just getting beginning to get himself back into shape. (If that's just getting back into shape then there are clearly some mutant powers at play). The Instagram post by Josh Brolin is actually a video of a guy by the name of Walid Yari, who is making a strong case to be the next Spider-Man. While Josh Brolin did get jacked to play Cable, Walid Yari is more explosive and agile whereas Cable is a hulking brute who carries around a ridiculously large gun.

Besides teasing how easy this is for him, Josh Brolin brilliant trolling of Ryan Reynolds comes in the form of a hashtag accusation, saying that the Deadpool actor uses CGI for his abs. Ryan Reynolds has probably been shirtless in every movie he's ever been in and he appears to have been putting in the work for this film as well, so this is quite the hilarious and damning claim. Naturally, Deadpool is locked and loaded and Ryan Reynolds was quick to fire back with his own brand of trolling, showing Josh Brolin's cinematic roots:

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Deadpool painting Cable like one of his French girls is just perfect, and maintains the Deadpool character's politely presented trolling and the Bob Ross marketing we have already seen. In Ryan Reynold's Twitter post, Deadpool is painting Josh Brolin's Cable as his character, Brand, from The Goonies.T his is just par for the course for this film's marketing. The Deadpool 2 trailer that introduces Cable already featured a fun reference to that iconic 80s film, and I imagine the final movie will be chock full of these fun little Easter eggs and references to Josh Brolin's previous roles. I mean Wade Wilson has to bring up Jonah Hex and Thanos, right?

Hopefully the hilarious social media dynamic between the two actors extends to their onscreen personas. The trailer for Deadpool 2 already teases a contentious relationship between the two characters, with the no-nonsense Cable being forced to deal with the perpetually jokey Wade Wilson. This odd couple pairing is what makes all of the best buddy cop type films work, and has worked on the pages of Marvel Comics for decades. Can these two characters hold back from killing each other in order to complete their shared mission? That's a huge part of the fun of their comic book adventures, and if Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin have the kind of back and forth in the film that they have online, this sequel may even surpass the original.

Deadpool 2 is directed by David Leitch and hits theaters on May 18th. For all the biggest films hitting theaters this year, check out our release schedule.

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