Josh Brolin Is Getting Jacked To Play Cable In Deadpool 2

In addition to playing Thanos, the ultimate Big Bad of the MCU, Josh Brolin will be bringing Cable to life in Deadpool 2. The character is the living embodiment of late eighties comics: big guns, bigger muscles, and plenty of pouches. While we can't speak for the pouch quota in the sequel just yet, it looks like the muscles will be there in full force. Brolin is getting jacked for the role and recently shared a picture of just how wells his workout routine is going. Check it out.

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Josh Brolin has been hitting the gym hard these days, needing to remain in peak physical condition to play two comic book roles. Even though Thanos is pretty swole, those muscles are computer generated. Brolin has to build some real muscle mass to play Cable, a character known for having muscles in spades. Brolin shared a pic of his guns to his Instagram page, along with a caption that lets everyone know he isn't messing around. Brolin writes that "Cable's coming, growing from the inside," and that he's "clean building from a past of donut travel." Like most actors playing superheroes, he's on a strict diet, lamenting that there's no more pasta in his future. "The machine is being built. I'm pissed off," he further teased. And then it ends with a blushing emoji. I don't know what a "past of donut travel" is, but it sounds delicious.

Seems like Fox, Ryan Reynolds, and the rest of the crew made a pretty good choice for their Cable. After an exhaustive search where dozens of names were thrown around (Stephen Lang, Michael Shannon, Brad Pitt, and obviously, Kiera Knightley), Josh Brolin came out of nowhere and nabbed the role. This was fairly surprising at the time because Brolin's name hadn't come up previously, and he was already playing Thanos in the MCU. That, obviously, shouldn't preclude him from the role (Ryan Reynolds was DC's Green Lantern, once upon a time) and fans are excited to finally see the Cable and Deadpool dynamic onscreen.

Currently, Josh Brolin is locked into a multi-film deal and will be appearing in more films in the X-Men universe. One of those projects will likely be an X-Force movie, as well as perhaps more Deadpool sequels. Brolin for his part voiced his enthusiasm for joining the series after the massive success of the first Deadpool. Hopefully, his take on Cable is a huge hit, because we're going to be seeing this guy for a lot more movies.

Fans will get to see Josh Brolin's Cable square off with Deadpool in the anticipated Deadpool 2, which is scheduled to hit theaters on June 1, 2018. To learn more about the sequel, here's everything we know about Deadpool 2.

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