King T'Chaka

As mentioned, T'Challa was only a prince when he was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, but unlike many fictional princes who must deal with tyrannical fathers, he had an amazing paternal figure in King T'Chaka (played by John Kani). And while it's true that we don't see much of him in the Russo brothers' film (he dies in his first scene), the quick sense delivered is that he's a responsible leader who, after decades in power, is ready to change his nation's relationship with the rest of the word.

Because he is dead at the start of Black Panther's story, T'Chaka's impact on the film is different than all of the other characters mentioned in this feature, but his influence is just as significant. T'Challa is a man who carries immense respect for his father, so naturally he is on his mind quite a bit as he is going through his coronation. It's also worth noting that the new king/hero describes the ultimate fate of his father in Captain America: Civil War -- running forever in the green veld -- which factors into the Ryan Coogler film.

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