The first rule to creating a memorable villain is to craft an antagonist that, while working against our hero, is someone who could be viewed as a hero from a different angle. We were reminded of this fact with Michael B. Jordan's virtuoso performance as Killmonger in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, and it's gotten us to thinking long and hard about the past villains we've seen in the comic book firmament.

Indeed, there's been a rich and interesting history of villains that, while playing the baddie to a well-known hero, aren't exactly that bad to begin with. This isn't saying that our rogue's gallery are without sin, rather that their respective actions aren't as evil as those of the many more vile counterparts that exist throughout history. So keep that in mind as we run through the 10 supervillains who aren't as bad as you thought they were.

Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze - Batman & Robin

Let's just forget the fact that Batman & Robin stinks on ice. When you really look at Dr. Victor Fries' mindset that transitioned him into his Mr. Freeze alter ego, all he was really trying to do was cure his terminally ill wife. Of course, with mad science at play, the campy villain played by Arnold Schwarzenegger was more of a theatrical bank villain than a stone cold killer. Threaten his wife, and he'll ice you; but all others need not worry. The most he can do is encase you in a frozen state, with your own custom made pun!

Magneto - The X-Men Series

The horrors of a Nazi concentration camp are what started to turn young mutant Erik Lehnsherr into the powerful force we've all come to know as Magneto in the X-Men series. And yet, reading his intentions for what they truly are, it's always been hard to completely be against the man. In fact, his collaboration with Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men team from time to time has lead to some great successes, and in the beginning all he really wanted was to avenge his mother's death. Though even as he grew harsher, he still had somewhat of a friendship with the professor, and he always had an eye on putting mutantkind in the driver's seat.

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