You Can Already Meet Black Panther Characters At Disneyland

Black Panther is busy breaking records at the box office, but that's not the only place you can see the King of Wakanda. On the same day the movie debuted in theaters, the character also made his public debut at Disneyland. Black Panther is available for photo opportunities at Disney's California Adventure, where he arrives in the back of an Avengers jeep and is flanked by members of the Dora Milaje. Check them out in the image below.

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Marvel has slowly been growing its presence at Disney Parks over the last couple of years. Guests have previously been able to take photos with Captain America and Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy also arrived in the park at the same time that the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission - Breakout attraction opened. At the end of last year, Disney added photo opportunities with Thor and Loki during the period that they were promoting Thor: Ragnarok and now that Black Panther is in the spotlight, it's his turn to take center stage.

Needless to say, this looks awesome. The Dora Milaje look like they could absolutely take down anybody that tried to interfere with Black Panther's photo time. Apparently, they actually stand guard outside of the photo location while Black Panther is taking pictures inside. They stand there and look menacing, and they don't react when others take pictures with them.

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The photo location for Black Panther is inside Hollywoodland at Disney's California Adventure. He rides the Avengers vehicle, while standing in the back saluting guests, over to a space near the showcase theater. It appears guests are really excited to meet Panther as wait times on to get your photo taken with him on the first day were nearly three hours. At this time of year, it's rare to find an attraction with a wait time that long.

It would seem that the plan for Black Panther's Disneyland appearance is for it to be a limited time thing, just to go along with the movie. Although, one expects that Disneyland probably has some big things planned for Avengers: Infinity War, and since we know T'Challa will be a part of that battle, he may very well hang around throughout the summer, at least until July when Ant-Man and the Wasp will become the Marvel movie du jour.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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