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Marvel has another hit on their hands with Black Panther, a movie that is competing on an Avengers-level at the box office in no small part thanks to its design, hard-hitting themes, and genuine charm. However, the element that seems to be making one of the strongest impressions is the villain of the story, Killmonger. Played with equal parts intensity and swagger by Michael B. Jordan, Killmonger has already risen among the ranks as one of Marvel's best villains. The character is really resonating with a lot of people, which only leaves us to wonder what the inevitable Black Panther 2 will do without him.

Black Panther 2 is pretty much a certainty at this point, but the sequel will likely need to find a new villain to trouble the lives of T'Challa, Shuri, Okoye, and Nakia. Unfortunately, Black Panther does not have a very strong rogues gallery and the movie already used up his two most prominent baddies. That's not to say that there aren't options, and when it comes to Black Panther 2, these villains could be the perfect fit for the sequel.


If I had to wager money (and I wouldn't; Marvel is much smarter than me), I would bet that Achebe is the best choice to be the villain of Black Panther 2. He doesn't look like much, and he's not the most well known Marvel villain, but this guy is SERIOUSLY deranged. His background is mostly unknown, but it's said that he sold his soul to Mephisto after some soldiers burned his farm, seduced his wife, and left him for dead. He then killed anyone who was even remotely associated with the event and then began his climb to power. Through manipulation, he made his way to a seat of power in Wakanda and was almost crowned king at one point. He's a master manipulator and even a master planner like Black Panther has trouble dealing with him.


This one likely needs lots of fiddling around with, but Malice would make an interesting choice for Black Panther 2. In the comics, Malice is actually Nakia, who is played by Lupita Nyong'o in the movie. They might as well be two different characters. Comic book Nakia is violently obsessed with Black Panther to the point where she tried to murder his one-time girlfriend. Then, when she was kicked out of the Dora Milaje, she fell in with Killmonger, who used a whole bunch of hocus pocus mumbo-jumbo to give her superpowers, dubbing her Malice. She then tried to kill all the women in Black Panther's life, but it obviously didn't work out for her. I have a really hard time picturing Nakia's storyline going this way, so Marvel may introduce an all-new character to be Malice instead.


The Skrulls are probably an odd choice to be the main villains of Black Panther 2 -- especially because they play heavily into Captain Marvel -- but the aliens are a big part of a really dope Black Panther story called "See Wakanda and Die." The story is a tie-in to Secret Invasion and finds the Skrull attempting to take over Wakanda as a part of their Earth-wide invasion. I say attempt because they are absolutely slaughtered by Black Panther and the forces of Wakanda. The great thing about "See Wakanda and Die" was that it showcases just how powerful a nation Wakanda really is. The Skrull are completely shut down and owned throughout the whole three-issue arc. As a movie, there needs to be a lot more than just dismembering Skrulls, but with the chance of an actual Secret Invasion adaptation possible, this is a fun story to keep in mind.


Often times, Black Panther is written as being unbeatable. This is a guy who keeps a plan for taking down Galactus locked in his desk. He's prepared for anything and he has the means to outpower anyone -- even the Devil. Mephisto is the Marvel Universe's version of Satan, and Black Panther beats the shit out of him. During Christopher Priest's iconic run with the character, Mephisto kidnaps T'Challa's friend, Everett Ross. T'Challa walks into the room and cold cocks Mephisto in one punch. Using some fancy Wakanadan technology, Black Panther cuts off Mephisto from his source of power, effectively leaving him helpless. Then, Black Panther rips Mephisto's freaking heart out! Later, when Mephisto drags Black Panther to hell and tries to steal his soul, he forgets that Black Panther is protected by the Panther Gods, and ends up almost killing himself by eating every Wakandan soul connected to T'Challa. It's a pretty out there villain, but since the MCU has talking raccoons, anything is possible.


Namor is technically a good guy, but he's a hugely antagonistic personality and has frequently come to blows with T'Challa. The two of them have engaged in at least one fight to the death. Like Black Panther, Namor is the king of a secret nation (the undersea Atlantis) and wields great power and resources. Unlike Black Panther, Namor is a huge dickbag. His rough personality rubs everyone the wrong way, and his rivalry with Black Panther would make for an interesting movie plot. Namor is also responsible for one of the worst attacks in Wakandan history when he floods the city with a massive title wave, drowning thousands of people. The tough part about making Namor the villain is that you have to take time to introduce Namor and his unique world, and that is time arguably better spent given to Black Panther and his unique world. Still, the MCU could pull a Captain America: Civil War and introduce Namor ahead of Black Panther 2.

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