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A Wrinkle In Time Has Screened, Here's What People Think

A Wrinkle in Time

Disney is about to unveil a theatrical adaptation of one of the more popular books ever written. The studio that seems to produce hit after hit is going a bit outside of its normal production with a film version of A Wrinkle in Time, but the novel that has been read by millions certainly has a built-in fan base. A few people have had a chance to see the ambitious feature, and it seems clear that Ava Duvernay swung for the fences with the ambitious feature, although not everybody is quite sure she stuck the landing. Our own Conner Schwerdtfeger was lucky enough to see the film, and he thought the movie was about as good as it could be considering how difficult the source material was.

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So while A Wrinkle in Time might not be perfect it does have some quality performances that might be worth checking out. A similar, though slightly harsher, response came from The Playlist, who called out the film's noble intentions, but ultimately felt that the movie had too many problems to succeed. For whatever it's worth, the music is apparently pretty good.

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None of that is to say that everybody had issues with the movie. Pop Sugar's Kirbie Johnson only critique of the movie was that it was clearly directed toward younger viewers, but she still felt the movie had plenty for any audience to enjoy. It was clearly an emotional experience for some.

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A continued investigation of Twitter reveals at least one of those people who were brought to tears by A Wrinkle in Time.

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While reactions seem mixed to A Wrinkle in Time, it will be interesting to see how the official reviews shake out when they hit next week. Even if the critical reviews for the film aren't great, it doesn't necessarily mean a bad box office experience. This is Disney after all. Even when they produce a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel it still makes giant piles of money. If the audience doesn't mind the issues the film seems to have as much as the critics, we could still see a massive success.

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