How Game Night's Writer Feels About A Sequel

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Sure, Black Panther is still dominating the box office, but some smaller movies also did reasonably well this weekend. Chief among these is John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein's Game Night, which made a commendable $17 million in its first weekend. This success raises essential questions about sequel potential, and it looks like at least one Game Night insider is game for another journey into this universe. In fact, when asked about the possibility of a sequel to Game Night, screenwriter Mark Perez responded enthusiastically and said:

It would be great to have sequels. Super titles like Game Night or specific titles like that feel genetically built to have sequels. That would mean the movie did well and that's all I really care about at this stage.

Game Night definitely is doing well by most conventional metrics. Although it has only been in theaters for less than a week, it has already made $24 million globally against a moderate $37 million budget. On top of that, Game Night has also become a critical success, earning an 81% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences have responded well to the film, and if that means that the possibility of Game Night 2 being placed on the table, then Mark Perez is onboard to see what can happen from there.

Of course, elsewhere in his discussion about the possibility of a Game Night sequel with THR, Mark Perez noted the blunt reality that he cannot deny the possibility of a sequel, which is something that many creatives try to avoid talking about in interviews. Instead, he took the opportunity to highlight the fact that R-rated comedies like Game Night are far rarer than they once were (which is something that we have discussed here at CinemaBlend before) and enjoys the fact that people seem to have responded well to the story.

Game Night centers on a couple (Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams) who go to a friend's house to attend a murder mystery party. However, things take a bizarre turn when their friend actually gets kidnapped, and the couples in attendance of the party have to figure out what's really going on over the course of one insane night. In addition to Bateman and McAdams, the film also stars Manchester by the Sea's Kyle Chandler, Wonder Woman's Danny Huston and New Girl's Lamorne Morris.

Game Night is now in theaters. Make sure to check out CinemaBlend's review of the film and check it out to see what all of the hype is about! Looking ahead to the rest of this year, you can also take a look at our comprehensive movie premiere guide to learn what other major theatrical releases are on the horizon for 2018!

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