This was always going to be a crowded year at the box office. Avengers: Infinity War, Ocean's Eight, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald are just a few pf the blockbusters on our radar. But there are some who are on our watch list that still haven't given us a proper trailer, or even a single look into what's going on with their production. It's those films we're here to discuss, and the following 10 pictures are ones we're really looking forward to scoping out, yet we'd be even more excited about them if we could see some actual footage. (Hint hint, Hollywood.)

The First Purge

While we've gotten an announcement trailer for The First Purge, there was no real footage on display in the riff on a standard political ad. With the prequel nature of the project in play, as well as the surprise unveiling of cast member Marisa Tomei in the film's cast, it'd be nice to see both of those aspects at work in a longer form trailer.

The Equalizer 2

For as steadily as The Equalizer 2 has progressed in its production, we haven't even been given a look at the film's poster, much less any footage. Considering Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington's latest reunion was shifted to the rather bullish release date of July 20th, you would have thought a small teaser would have been in the can, at least. Here's hoping we see something soon, otherwise we might start to worry about this one.

The Meg

A giant prehistoric shark versus Jason Statham and a team of experts. That's what The Meg is promising movie-goers who may not be familiar with the Steve Alten authored series of sci-fi adventure novels. But to those who have read the books, there's the typical anxiety of how the world of these stories will be brought to live in cinematic color. Both camps are waiting to see a trailer in action, and both have really good reasons to do so.

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