Oscar Isaac Is Still Having Fun With The Finn And Poe Romance Theory

One of the favorite pastimes among fan communities is shipping characters from movies or TV shows to become romantic couples. This sort of thing is usually relegated to Tumblr pages and message boards, and sometimes the actors portraying these characters become aware of the ship. But some actors take it a step further, fully embracing the fan demand and playing along. Such is the case with actor Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe in the new Star Wars films opposite John Boyega's Finn. The actor has had fun with this romance theory in the past and it appears that he will continue to champion the cause until Episode IX hit theaters. Take a look.

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This image comes to us from the Twitter account of a user going by Madeline, who appears to have some strong opinions on the Finn and Poe of it all. She met Oscar Isaac and had a "FinnPoe is Endgame" sign on hand (I'm assuming she keeps one in her purse at all times, just in case) and had the Poe actor sign it for her. Just in case you can't read what it says, under his signature Oscar Isaac wrote "Fully Endorsed", and he underlined it. That's about as definitive a statement as you can get. Poe might as well have knocked on Finn's Resistance base door while Rose was doing mechanic things and did his best Love Actually impression holding this sign, declaring what he feels that hurts too much to say out loud.

This isn't the first time that Oscar Isaac has thrown his support behind the FinnPoe movement, previously lamenting that his character had to watch Finn kiss someone else now that Rose is in the picture. Sadly for Oscar Isaac, Poe and those wanting to see the Finn and Poe romance, it doesn't appear that John Boyega feels the same way. Plus, Rose saved Finn's life in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so breaking up with her is pretty much a non-starter at this point; he's locked in. But Kathleen Kennedy did indicate that Lucasfilm is paying attention to these fan theories and what the fans want, and with Star Wars films set to hit theaters for the rest of our lives (or so it seems), there are no shortage of possibilities.

Whether they turn out to be lovers or not, and I feel pretty confident saying that isn't going to happen, hopefully we will see more of Finn and Poe working together in Episode IX. The characters are a blast on screen together, and unfortunately they were mostly separated in The Last Jedi. Their dynamic is a lot of fun, and it would be a shame to not see more of that before this trilogy closes out.

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