Jennifer Lawrence Tells The Haters Not To See Red Sparrow

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Jennifer Lawrence has had a big year at the movies, but not every single one of those movies has done well with fans and critics. (We're looking at you mother!) During a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new movie Red Sparrow, she got pretty vociferous about the haters of her movies, telling them they have been "uninvited" to her new flick, which officially opens this weekend. Here's her candid comment.

Red Sparrow is a movie. It's a psychological spy drama. I'm a woman but it's not like, 'ugh.' It's entertaining, don't put any political weight on it. Like if you're like a typical hater, and you have a blog, don't go. You're officially, totally uninvited. I would like to officially uninvited all my haters to go see Red Sparrow.

This is pretty bold even for Jennifer Lawrence's standards, as the actress has been known for her funny personality, as well as speaking her mind. Granted, Stephen Colbert plied Lawrence with rum before she started talking about Red Sparrow. And we're not talking like a sip or even a shot. Despite not liking it, she sucked it down as if she were Captain Jack Sparrow, then exuberantly told her haters not to show for the new movie.

Granted, it's a movie with nudity that she also poured her heart and soul into. The actress has been open over the past couple of weeks that Red Sparrow was a real challenge, and not only because she had to learn to do some ballet. (She also told Stephen Colbert, "Lol to me being a ballerina," if you need an indication of how that went.) She is also nude in the movie, which was a big deal for the actress, especially after nude photos of her were leaked along with other celebrities back in 2014.

Jennifer Lawrence has previously said that the nude photos incident was difficult to get through, and at first she didn't even want to sign on for Red Sparrow. She changed her mind, though, after thinking about the "difference between consent and not." Now, she's brazenly telling haters if they don't like her, or nudity, or lady spies they shouldn't go see the movie, at all. If you'd like to catch the rest of her open exchange with Colbert, you can do so, below.

Everyone else into R-rated spy romps can catch the trailer for the flick, or wait until the new flick officially hits theaters this weekend.

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