Red Sparrow Trailer: Check Out Jennifer Lawrence As A Ballerina-Turned-Spy

Jennifer Lawrence has one big movie hitting screens this weekend but they're not waiting to start showing off what she has coming up next. The first trailer for Red Sparrow is here. Lawrence's next film, after mother!, puts her in the position of a former ballet dancer, turned Russian spy, who uses her beauty to seduce the opposite side. Check out the first trailer below.

The trailer itself doesn't give us a great deal of information about what Red Sparrow is actually about. Jennifer Lawrence is front and center as we get a voice over explaining to us what "sparrows" are. They're elite Russian spies that are trained to get what they want through whatever means necessary, which from what the trailer shows us, covers everything from sex to murder. We do also get a brief glimpse of Lawrence's co-star in the trailer, as we see Joel Edgerton notice Lawrence as she walks around a pool in a revealing swimsuit, which we can guess is probably exactly what she wanted to happen.

Red Sparrow is based on a novel by Jason Matthews and follows Lawrence's character, who is named Dominika Egorova. She's a former ballerina who enters the "sparrow school" after injury forces her out of performing. One of her assignments is to get close to a CIA agent, played by Joel Edgerton, however, the relationship that forms between the two apparently becomes real, which leads to obvious problems for Egorova.

There's more than a little Jason Bourne in the trailer for Red Sparrow. We see Jennifer Lawrence involved in some brief moments of combat that show that, while the film is more thriller than action movie, there's still ample opportunity to see Lawrence kick some ass. Fitting, considering that Red Sparrow is directed by Francis Lawrence, who also directed the actress in most of her Hunger Games movies.

The novel Red Sparrow won a couple of awards and the author is apparently working on a sequel, so if the film version does well we can guess that the movie might become a small franchise. The film rights were sold before the book was published, which, while that's a somewhat common practice, shows that there's a strong feeling the material will do well on screen. While it's difficult to tell from this trailer, with a cast like Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, and others, they certainly have the right people involved to make a great movie.

If you're already looking forward to seeing Red Sparrow, you'll, unfortunately, have to wait a bit, as the movie isn't scheduled for release until March. If you simply really need a Jennifer Lawrence fix, you can check her out in mother! which hits theaters this weekend.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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