Netflix Is Making Its Own Superhero Movie, And It Wants Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves in John Wick 2

Netflix's mission for world domination continues. The streaming service is trying to put out 80 movies this year, and has already released a few high profile projects, in addition to getting development underway on several more. One of these projects is a superhero movie that Netflix is recruiting some interesting talent for. The film is said to be an original vigilante superhero story and while Netflix has reportedly signed on a director, they are hoping to sign none other than Keanu Reeves for the main role.

According to Deadline, Netflix has ordered Past Midnight, a "new type" of vigilante superhero story. The film was written by T.J. Fixman and will be directed by Dope director Rick Famuyiwa. The hope is that Keanu Reeves will star in the movie, but there's no indication in the report that negotiations have started. As long as this doesn't distract Reeves from John Wick 3, then we're all for it.

The last time Reeves played a superhero was in the critically panned Constantine, but Reeves has gotten a lot of goodwill back thanks to the John Wick movies. Plot details for Past Midnight are being kept under wraps at the moment.

Writer T.J. Fixman predominately comes from the video game world. He's written a bunch of the Ratchet and Clank games, but he's also sold a number of film projects like One Night on the Hudson, The Lost, and Disney's Gargoyles.

Rick Famuyiwa is a name that should sound familiar to those who follow superhero movie news. Famuyiwa was this close to directing the Flash movie for Warner Bros., before creative differences drove them apart. Past Midnight will be his second chance at tackling the superhero genre, but he isn't the only big superhero name attached to the project. Joe and Anthony Russo, who have been busy making a tiny film called Avengers: Infinity War, are on board as producers of Past Midnight. Some seriously big gets for Netflix.

There's no suggested release date for Past Midnight, but it's definitely an intriguing project. Netflix -- for good or bad -- is continuing to be a growing hub for filmmakers looking for fewer boundaries than they would ordinarily get from a standard studio. While not every movie Netflix releases is a smash-hit (it tends to be more okay to bad), Past Midnight has enough talent to warrant some bubbling excitement.

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