A Girl Clenched Her Teeth So Hard During Black Panther She Broke Her Retainer

Sometimes you can get so emotionally invested in a film that it can have physical ramifications. Most of us can be made to laugh, or sometimes cry. Sometimes, you snap metal with your teeth. That's what apparently happened to one young woman who had a... reaction to seeing Michael B. Jordan remove his shirt in Black Panther. She apparently clenched her teeth so hard in response to the image that she snapped the metal on her retainer. The orthodontist who dealt with the dental emergency posted about it to a Tumblr, page, but keep reading, because that's only where things get started.

It's a funny post and a humorous thing to have happened to somebody. It's potentially a bit embarrassing, but the original post was anonymous, so nobody had to deal with it directly. Although, let's be honest, could you blame her? While actually snapping metal might be a bit of an extreme result, the reaction itself seems perfectly reasonable under circumstances. Did you see Michael B. Jordan in that movie?

That would have been the end of it, except, the original post went a bit viral. Enough so that it got noticed on Twitter by a girl named Sophia who realized that she was the girl being described.

Nobody needs to worry about Sophia, she's fine. In fact, by now she's doing amazingly well. Her story has been picked up, she's being interviewed by the media about her funny situation, and she has a bunch of new Twitter followers. But there's one that stands out.

It turns out that the story got so much traction that it actually came to the attention of Michael B. Jordan himself, who, as it turns out, feels party responsible for the damage done to the retainer, and would like to cover the costs himself.

Sometimes I still can't believe Twitter is a free service.

The user known as pixyrue has become an overnight celebrity and while she jokes that her fame as the "thirsty teenager" might not be exactly how she wanted to be known, it looks like things are going pretty well for her at the moment. She's actually made her retainer breaking feat her Twitter bio, so it appears she has accepted her celebrity. Hopefully, she'll have a retainer protection strategy in place when Creed 2 comes out.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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