Kevin Smith's Hilarious Response To The Infinity War Trailer

Avengers: Infinity War

The final trailer for next month's Avengers: Infinity War debuted this morning, and it teases a film that is every bit as expansive and epic as ten years of hype have led us to hope for. We here at CinemaBlend had visceral reactions to the trailer, and beyond crying, fainting and drooling, we even managed to say a few words about it. Naturally, whenever such superhero goodness debuts, it's always fun to see what professional comic book nerd and uber fanboy Kevin Smith has to say about it. The director, who recently survived a heart attack, joked about his situation in light of the trailer's debut. Take a look:

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What an apprpriately Kevin Smith response. In the wake of his heart attack, the director has given candid and reflective assessments of the situation and his life, but he has never lost his sense of humor. I'm glad that Kevin Smith survived, not just on a human level, but because he will get to see Avengers: Infinity War, and there are few people who this movie will mean more to. But shouldn't a comic book fan who gets as excited as he does check with his doctor before watching something like this trailer, much less the movie? I don't know how much research has been done on the human heart's tolerance for this level of awesomeness. Also, based on this Twitter post, I guess someone ought to inform Kevin Feige, the most important Kevin, that he is now responsible for Kevin Smith's life. And hey, if Kevin Smith wants to use his life to blackmail Kevin Feige into extending his tenure at Marvel Studios, I won't stop him.

While most of us didn't just survive a near-death experience, it is easy to feel the same way as Kevin Smith does. There are just certain things I simply cannot allow myself to die without seeing. Film fans like us see a new trailer and think "Damn! I guess I've gotta make it another year." And that doesn't even end with Infinity War; there's still Avengers 4 and Phase 4 on the way, so Kevin Smith will have to really embrace his new veganism. It's fun to joke about, but you can never underestimate the life-affirming power of movies. Having something to look forward to in life, whatever it is, can be a huge motivating factor to get you through the day and help you make positive changes.

With a scene that will top the Civil War airport battle and death likely to befall some of our heroes, Kevin Smith and the rest of us better wear a heart rate monitor when we head to the theater next month. Avengers: Infinity War affirms our existence on April 27. To see all the new movies and reasons to live hitting theaters this year, check out our 2018 release guide.

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