Watch Henry Cavill Hilariously Mourn The Loss Of His Infamous Mustache

Nothing in recent filmmaking became quite as notorious as Henry Cavill's facial hair. A lot was written about the infamous mustache, and now, this may be the last thing we write, because it is gone. Henry Cavill has announced that the most derided mustache in the history of cinema is no more, and while many may have nothing but bad feelings attached to it, Cavill has posted a heartfelt and touching tribute to the now departed soup strainer. Check it out below.

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For anybody who's ever had facial hair for a long time, saying goodbye to it can certainly be an emotional experience. It's a part of you for so long, and then it's gone. This was apparently what Henry Cavill is talking about when he says he has trouble recognizing himself in the mirror. It's possible that nobody will be able to recognize the actor on the street considering how important his mustache became. The video closes with a tearjerking musical tribute that says a final goodbye to the facial hair, which has been shaved but is not forgotten.

Henry Cavill is having a bit of fun, but it actually can't be overstated just what a big deal this mustache actually was. Cavill was contractually obligated to grow it as part of his role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible Fallout, which was fine, until he was needed for the Joss Whedon helmed reshoots for Justice League. This required Warner Bros. to use CGI to remove the facial hair from the frame, and with the limited amount of time available, the job was only marginally successful. Superman looks a a lot of the time thanks to the CGI job, which doesn't help the film in any way. Regardless of how you feel about the movie as a while, there's little argument that the CGI hair removal makes Cavill look wrong.

The fact that Henry Cavill had to keep the mustache longer than planned didn't help matters. Tom Cruise broke an ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible Fallout, delaying production by several weeks. However, now the movie is done and that means the mustache can finally go. Cavill now looks like the actor that the rest of would recognize, though it should be said that, the mustache works. Cavill looks pretty good with or without it, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the facial return for some future role. Although, considering what this last mustache went through, Cavill himself may not be so interested in returning to it. We'll be able to revisit the mustache when Mission: Impossible Fallout hits theaters in July.

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