Full Deadpool 2 Trailer Finally Explains The Plot

Deadpool 2 has been entertaining as hell up until now, but it has successfully done that while expertly avoiding one important thing, telling us what the hell the movie is actually about. The newest trailer, which is likely our last before the movie's May release, finally reveals why Cable is here, what he wants, and exactly how he'll go up against the Merc with a Mouth. Check out the trailer below, but be warned, the language gets a little, well, Deadpool, it's totally NSFW.

Deadpool 2 is an escort mission. It seems that Cable has arrived, from the future we assume, to kill a small boy. Deadpool, however, doesn't want to see the kid get dead, even though, based on the trailer, the little squirt seems pretty awful, though he does seem to have some pretty epic fire based mutant powers. It seems that DP's mission in Deadpool 2, which seems to officially be called Deadpool 2, is to protect this kid from harm, though he ends up calling in some help to do so, in the form of the, incredibly derivative, brand new X-Force. I smell a franchise.

Previous Deadpool 2 trailers had mostly focused on Ryan Reynolds being hilarious for reasons entirely out of context with the actual movie, dressed as Bob Ross, for example. We'd get a few clips of the movie, but without any indication how any of them fit together. It's nice to have an idea of what this movie actually is.

In recent days Deadpool 2 has been getting some heat thanks to rumors of test screenings that may not have gone as expected, and while you can certainly edit a trailer to look however you like, you wouldn't get any indication of issues based on what we see here. Deadpool 2 looks like just as much violent, vulgar fun as the first movie. The bit where Deadpool gets a guy to shoot himself, with his own gun, through DP's own hand, is especially lovely.

The trailer also gives us our best look so far at Deadpool's band of young heroes, the X-Force. We get to see Domino kick some ass, Terry Crews punch somebody in the face, and we also get a good look at a new hero with electricity powers that we hadn't seen before. Though she appears to be an actual X-Men member rather than a part of the new X-Force.

All in all, from what we see here, Deadpool 2 is looking like a lot of fun. Get ready for the second coming, May 18.

Dirk Libbey
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