Sunrise, sunset. Incoming, outgoing. Much like the cycles of life, Netflix brings in new content just as it's saying goodbye to older films leaving its ranks. So since we already mourned the dearly departed heading out the door in April, it's time to celebrate those who will be joining us in April.

And celebrate we will, as there's some pretty impressive new additions coming our way. If you're curious about the notable titles leaving Netflix in April, you can read about those in another list. Right now, we're about to look into the future, and greet our new guests with open arms, and a fresh bowl of popcorn.

Bad Boys

Back in the golden age of Michael Bay, the well-known blockbuster auteur was a hungry young man with something to prove. With that fire in his belly, he made some of the best action movies of the mid to late '90s, and helped redefine a genre with works such as Bad Boys. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are in their prime with this frenetic police procedural / comedy, and they'd go on to re-team with Bay for one more round in 2002 with Bad Boys II. If you ever wanted to remind yourself what prime Michael Bay action felt like, this is the place to go.

Friday Night Lights

Before it was a hit NBC hour-long drama, Friday Night Lights found life as a 2004 film directed by Peter Berg. With Billy Bob Thornton playing real life Coach Gary Gaines, the film is based off of the true to life story covered in the book of the same name, rather than the fictitious team and town that the Kyle Chandler-led version focused on. But the clear eyes and full hearts are still present, as the real events that inspired the adventures in Dillon, Texas is just as captivating as the fiction ever could be.

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