How The Russo Brothers Are Trying To Avoid Spoilers Ahead Of Avengers: Infinity War's Premiere

Avengers: Infinity War is set to be one of the biggest movies we've ever seen and the last thing the directors want is to have all the major events spoiled before the world has a chance to see the entire film. As such, they are asking everybody, when they see the movie, to please stay quiet for the good of the rest of the fanbase. While the Russo Brothers are asking nicely, in a new letter to fans, Thanos is demanding compliance. Check out the open letter to Marvel fans below.

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We have certainly seen some extreme methods used in the past to avoid spoilers, but Avengers: Infinity War is pulling out all the stops. It turns out that even press attending events leading up to the release won't be able to see the entire film. Traditionally, the movie is shown at the beginning of press junkets so that the media can ask questions about the film in interviews, but that won't be the case here. They'll only see some scenes rather than the entire movie.

It seems very likely that preventing spoilers was also part of the reason that the release date for Avengers: Infinity War was moved up. Originally, the film was going to release on May 4, but that date has been changed to April 27. Considering the movie was also going to be released in many other territories that weekend already, shifting the date reduces the period where the movie can be seen in Europe and spoiled here. Infinity War is seeing a near global release between April 25 and 27, meaning that the potential for spoilers before everybody at least has a chance to see it are greatly reduced.

Of course, not everybody will see the movie opening weekend. Some might wish to but showings are already selling out with pre-sale tickets going online. Some people will want to avoid those opening weekend crowds and others simply won't have the time. The Russos are asking everybody to keep quiet so that everybody has a chance to experience the film without knowing the outcome.

Of course, some people are bigger potential spoiler risks than others. A lot has been made of Tom Holland's predilection for saying things he's not supposed to. The Spider-Man actor knows that he's part of the problem, as he tweeted out the letter himself, joking that it was originally addressed to him and not the rest of the fans.

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Of course, all this secrecy likely does reveal one thing, that there are secrets worth keeping. We have no idea exactly what happens, but there is almost certainly at least one moment in Avengers: Infinity War that will have a major impact on the future of the MCU.

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