Everyone loves a good heist movie, and few are more fun than the Ocean's trilogy. The Steven Soderbergh films were a blast, featuring ridiculously complex heists, humor, thrills and no shortage of star power. So for a sequel/reboot to be successful, it has to retain those elements, while also feeling fun and fresh. That's exactly what the Ocean's 8 reboot-quel is hoping to do. Ocean's 8 is overflowing with talent, and the new trailer teases a movie that is sexy, fun and full of brilliantly entertaining characters.

First off, it must be said that while we have yet to see the final film, the real heist taking place in this trailer is Anne Hathaway absolutely stealing the show as socialite Daphne Kluger. The character who will be wearing the necklace at the heart of the heist is positively glorious, as self-absorbed and witless as she is beautiful. Although there is a theory, based on a shot in the first trailer, that this is all an act and she is actually in on the crime. I hope this character gets a fair bit of screen time, because I absolutely cannot wait to see what Anne Hathaway does with such a fun role.

The cast as a whole is a dream team-type, All-Star lineup of actresses and without question one of the huge selling points of the movie. Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock are standouts in the trailer as the de facto leaders of the team, and Rihanna also looks to be a giving a fun performance, playing a much different character than most of her roles. We know that Matt Damon will be cameoing in Ocean's 8, reprising his role of Linus Caldwell from the previous three films, and fortunately neither he, nor any other major potential cameos, of which I expect many, are spoiled in this trailer.

This trailer also does a good job of right away letting you know that this film is part of a shared Ocean-verse with the previous Ocean's films with Sandra Bullock's Debbie Ocean, the sister of George Clooney's Danny Ocean. We've heard that Debbie Ocean's time behind bars will play a role in this film, and the trailer does make it seem like this heist might be about more than just making some money. This trailer also only showed us just enough to get us interested and fortunately didn't give away too much of the heist itself and how it will be pulled off. Seeing how everything comes together and each team member's specific role is one of the highlights of these films, which are full of surprises, and definitely something you don't want completely spoiled ahead of time.

The Hunger Games director Gary Ross takes the reigns from Steven Soderbergh to direct this fresh restart of the franchise. Ocean's 8 breaks into theaters on June 8. For all the biggest movies hitting theaters this year, check out our release schedule.

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