Sandra Bullock Has Introduced Cate Blanchett To What She Calls Penis Facials

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Dear reader, have you heard about penis facials? Would you care to be enlightened? The spa treatment is apparently the newest trends among the rich and famous, and it garnered the attention of two prominent A-listers: Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock, two of the stars of the upcoming Ocean's 8.

New York's Georgia Louise Atelier has a way of keeping your skin glistening and glowing that's, shall we say, unorthodox. Perhaps it's simply best to let Cate Blanchett explain the procedure that she and fellow Oscar winner Sandra Bullock went through during breaks in filming on Ocean's 8 last summer in the Upper East Side of New York. Here's what Blanchett said to Vogue Australia (via The Cut) about what she dubs "penis facials." (It should be noted that Vogue Australia removed from the following quote about penis facials from the article, for reasons unbeknown.)

Sandy [Bullock] and I saw this facialist in New York, Georgia Louise, and she gives what we call the 'penis facial' and it's something -- I don't know what it is, or whether it's just 'cause it smells a bit like sperm -- there's some enzyme in it, so Sandy refers to it as the 'penis facial.'

We should stress right off the bat that "penis facial" is far from its official name, obviously. It's actually called the Hollywood Epidermal Growth Facial, a.k.a. the Hollywood EGF. We doubt Georgia Louise likes her product to be called "penis facial," though it's admittedly catchier than Hollywood EGF. It was apparently created specifically for Sandra Bullock, while she was in New York filming the new action-comedy heist film. The "sperm smell" might be derived from the fact that it's reportedly from cells taken from the freshly removed foreskin of newborn babies in Korea. It supposedly helps build collagen and elastin, which is what makes the skin appear younger, shinier and glistening. Whatever it takes to make your skin looking fresh, we guess.

If you're asking yourself, "Hey, I should get a penis facial," (and hey, we're not judging anyone), know that the process apparently involves prepping the skin with peels, a micro-needling wand, and an electrifying mask. So it's a nice, simple, completely calming and soothing procedure. You should also know that the process will set you back $650, and there's also a two-year waiting list. So you probably won't get it tomorrow.

Nevertheless, while you'd think the name "penis facial" might pull some people away, Georgia Louie says it's actually drawing in more costumers.

I have text threads, which would blow your mind, from celebs asking for the 'penis treatment' all the time now.

So it seems like business is booming for Georgia Louise. If you want to see the miracles of penis facials in all their glory on the big screen, meanwhile, you can check out both Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock in this summer's hotly anticipated new spin-off movie Ocean's 8, in theaters on June 8th.

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