How Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm Fits Into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcolm Jurassic World fallen kingdom

A major player from Jurassic Park will join the Jurassic World corner of this franchise later this year when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom finally debuts. Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm is returning to provide valuable philosophical insight about the nature of life, and it sounds like he will also contribute a voice of reason arguing that the dinosaurs should not be saved from the film's central volcano incident. In a recent interview, Goldblum explained:

Anyways, they bring me in front of Congress. They want to know if I have an opinion of the volcano and if we should let the dinosaurs go. I'm like Owen (Pratt) and Claire (Howard) and a deep lover of all living things but you've heard me on the subject of the misguided reanimation. As long as a volcano, my best advice as difficult as it is, is that we should let evolution course correct. We have the power to destroy our selves and we need to wise up.

The Jurassic Park franchise has always dealt with the ethical implications of scientific choices. In the case of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it sounds like the franchise will deal with the debate of whether or not humans should save the creatures that they created. Ian Malcolm shares the love and affection for the dinosaurs felt by Owen and Claire in the film, but in his statement to Congress (a scene shown in the recent trailers), he also makes it clear that life is once again finding a way by naturally eliminating the monsters that we placed on the island. As usual, Ian seems to represent the opinion that (try as we might) we cannot succeed if we want to control the core way in which nature operates.

If you want a closer look at Ian Malcolm's statement to Congress in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, then check out a trailer for the film, below.

Another thing worth noting about the return of Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm is how the character has changed since he first appeared in his "rock star" glory back in the original Jurassic Park. The character has been through multiple near-death experiences during his tenure within the Jurassic franchise timeline, and per the actor's own remarks to EW, that will inform his increased sense of compassion for the planet and its creatures. It just so happens that he believes that nature should be allowed to take its course with the volcano's eruption.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters this summer on June 22. Make sure to catch the latest dino-themed blockbuster when it premieres on the big screen and keep a close eye on CinemaBlend's full movie premiere guide to stay in-the-loop about all of 2018's biggest film releases.

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