Why Captain America Has A Beard In Avengers: Infinity War, According To Chris Evans

Chris Evans

When the highly anticipated first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally hit, we saw that many of our favorite heroes would be rocking new looks for the cosmic event. Black Widow went blonde, Iron Man and Spidey got new armor, Vision was trying out a human look and Thor hadn't grown a new eye since the end of Ragnarok. Above all that, though, the most discussed new look was Captain America, who was sporting a magnificent new beard. Why did this traditionally clean-cut, baby-faced American hero make such a drastic change? Chris Evans gave the following explanation:

I don't think it's in his nature to be too much of a loose cannon, but there's a lack of formality. He's checked all that at the door and he's gone inside himself for a little while, and as a result, he's a little irreverent and maybe even a little dangerous.

People who possess great beards don't usually have to explain why they have them, but Chris Evans' comments here show that this is more than just a design change to make him look cool for the battle against Thanos. As Chris Evans told USA Today, Captain America is a very buttoned-up character that isn't usually known for doing wild things like growing such intimidating facial hair. You also have to remember that he was military, and as such he maintained those grooming standards. The events of Captain America: Civil War seemingly had a profound effect on Cap and how he sees things, including himself. Steve Rogers is now a fugitive and technically a criminal, so that has to mess with his identity. He has soured on the modern world, becoming weary and disenchanted with the way things are. The beard is in some way an external manifestation of that internal dissonance.

We know that this new Cap, who is embracing his inner rebel, has been conducting his own secret missions alongside Black Widow in the time between Civil War and Infinity War. So the beard probably also helps to hide his identity a little bit as he ventures out from Wakanda and does what he feels is right, bureaucratic red tape be damned. He also may simply not have the time, being on the run and all, to maintain his normal grooming standards. Although I'm sure Shuri could probably whip up a super high-tech razor for him. I'm betting that Captain America will probably hear some fun comments about his new beard from his fellow heroes in this film. Especially if he and Tony Stark come face to face again.

Beyond the awesomeness of the beard on the surface level, it is cool to know that there is actually a character reason for this aesthetic change and it will reflect the newer, more dangerous Cap that we will see in Infinity War. It's a good thing Cap is feeling dangerous too, as Thanos is not the kind of enemy to be trifled with at all. To defeat the Mad Titan, Captain America and all of the Avengers will have to hold nothing back and do whatever it takes to win.

You can see Captain America and his beard in Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters on April 27. For all the latest in heroic facial hair, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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