The promise of summer leads to such exciting possibilities, and we've seen quite a few of them on May's incoming lineup of Netflix titles. But with renewal comes departure, and as such there are a number of films that will be leaving the halls of your streaming library in the coming month. Of course,, we're here to help you prioritize which ones to watch before you get to the more obscure titles on the list. April's lineup may have seen some iconic departures, which you can always revisit to make sure you didn't miss anything, but the following titles leaving in May give those films a run for their money.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Don't let the preconceived notion of this Renee Zellweger romantic comedy's charms fool you, as there's something for everyone with Bridget Jones's Diary. At least, there is if you have an open mind. Sure, there's a fair amount of romance and the dramatics involved with the pursuit of true love, but Bridget herself is such a warm yet sharp character that the wit of this film helps turn the mushy stuff other films would limp by on into something with more solid laughs. That, and the combination of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth is one that should not be rejected lightly.

Field Of Dreams

Baseball season is already in full swing, with fans starting to talk up how this year is going to be their team's big run at the bigger show. Yet past all of the competitive talk, and the commentary on what's going right or wrong, the game sits squarely in the middle, just wanting to be respected. That said, Field of Dreams is one of the best films that respects the sport of baseball, showing it as a common thread in the lives of Kevin Costner's Iowa farmer, Ray Kinsella, his family, and the baseball players whose spirits show up in his cornfield baseball pitch. This is a legendary film that "makes men cry," but if you're a human with a pulse, that last scene's going to pitch a curveball into your tear duct.

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