Every month, Netflix makes us happy by revealing what's coming to its streaming library, but also makes us sad by listing what's making its way out the door. While we already know what's heading out, and we've done our mourning elsewhere, it's now time to celebrate the new films that are coming to the streaming platform's canon. In particular, there are 11 films we're really excited to see loading into the queue, and they're a pretty unique bunch! Here now are the films we're rushing to add to our Netflix lists in May.


Magical realism is something that many stripes of cinema have tried to exhibit, with French cinema being the one area that seems to excel at balancing the quirky with the grounded. Amelie is a fine example of such a high wire act, as the beautiful, storybook-esque visuals and twists are housed in a story that is as human as it is simple. Seeing Audrey Tautou make her way through Amelie's quest to deliver happiness is one of the most rewarding experiences you could ever expect to see, and now you'll be able to experience it for yourself.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

In a perfect world, Hellboy II: The Golden Army would have spawned Hellboy III in a heartbeat. Guillermo del Toro's powerful sequel not only one-ups the fantastic original film, but it makes for an infinitely enjoyable sequel with massive replay value. Even better, this second film in the Ron Perlman duology gets to show off the impressive creature design and sympathy for monsters that del Toro is famous for, making this a fantastic film to revisit after The Shape of Water won its Best Picture trophy a couple months ago.

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