The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been largely commended for the way it was weaved together a series of nearly 20 movies into a cohesive tapestry that uses multiple characters and numerous storylines, but brings them all together into a single world that feels alive and thriving. For the most part, the MCU deserves the credit it has received for this unique achievement, but let's not pretend they've been perfect.

While many of the MCU storylines have paid off in big ways over the course of several movies, there are others concepts, characters, and plots, that were clearly set up to mean something once have been seemingly forgotten about. With Phase Three of the MCU coming to a close and many characters likely leaving the MCU forever, there's a possibility that Avengers 4 could be the last chance we have to get these plot threads tied up.

Where is Lady Sif?

Thor: Ragnarok completely destroyed Asgard, and Thanos has now cut the population of the remaining Asgardians in half. All of the Warriors Three were unceremoniously killed by Hela, and Odin died of natural causes. We've seen the fates of most of Asgard, but Lady Sif is nowhere to be found. Was she on Asgard when Hela started killing people, did she make it on board the ship to escape the explosion? Was she killed by Thanos? Has she been hiding someplace else this whole time? We have absolutely no idea what's going on with her and we'd like to know. The remaining Avengers could certainly use whatever help they could get.

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