Wait, Will Lady Sif Actually Be Addressed In Thor: Ragnarok?

Lady Sif Jaimie Alexander

There's no question that Thor: Ragnarok has a really great looking ensemble, but it has not gone unnoticed by some that comes by way of ditching almost the entire supporting cast from the previous Thor movies. For example, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three - played by Jamie Alexander, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, and Tadanobu Asano - have not been seen in any of the promotional materials for the movie, leading many to question whether they were even in the film. That was a question introduced the day of the press set visit for Thor: Ragnarok last year, where CinemaBlend's Conner Schwerdtfeger was present. Producer Brad Winderbaum was asked, "It sounds like we're not seeing Sif and the Warriors Three, but do we learn what happened to them?" Winderbaum's response:

Um... That's not necessarily the case. And yes.

Based on Brad Winderbaum's answer, fans shouldn't totally count Lady Sif or the Warriors Three out of Thor: Ragnarok entirely. Winderbaum's words can be taken to mean that they will be present in some form, but I don't think anyone should count on them having a major impact at all. Even if they don't show up on screen, viewers will at least learn what happened to them, so their fate won't be ambiguous. Hopefully that comforts any fans of the characters who feel like they are getting shortchanged.

Producers and actors like Jaimie Alexander have remained especially coy on the presence of these Asgardians in Thor: Ragnarok. Everyone is keeping a tight lip about the specifics, and there could be a few story reasons for this. With Hela seeking to destroy all of Asgard, some have theorized that she actually accomplish this, which would likely mean that Sif and the Warriors Three could die at some point in the film. Another possibility is that they don't appear at all because Loki, disguised as Odin, has sent them away to lessen the chances that his ruse is foiled.

Lady Sif and the Warriors Three have never been especially pivotal in the Thor movies, other than giving the God of Thunder some comrades to expand the world of Asgard. But with Ragnarok mostly leaving Asgard behind, it makes sense that they'd have diminished screen time. However, if that screen time ends up giving us more Hulk, then I think a lot of people would consider that a positive trade.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok is set to land in theaters on November 3rd. Lots of scoops about the movie have been dropping this week, so don't miss out on how Hulk ends up on Sakaar, where the movie takes place in the MCU timeline, or how Hela is different from every other MCU villain. For everything else Ragnarok related, here's everything we know so far about the highly anticipated movie.

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