Mila Kunis' The Spy Who Dumped Me Trailer Is Bonkers And Action Packed

After starring in two Bad Moms movies, Mila Kunis has decided to up the ante a bit with her next film and add some good, old-fashioned action into the mix with The Spy Who Dumped Me. And, it looks like the movie is going to be completely bonkers. Take a look:

Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) are two 30-year-old best friends from Los Angeles who end up embroiled in a deadly (and funny) international conspiracy after Audrey's ex-boyfriend shows up at their home while being trailed by a gang of assassins. The two women then find themselves joining forces with a potentially untrustworthy, but unbelievably charming, British agent and get thrust into the middle of the action as they try to help save the world. The Spy Who Dumped Me also stars Sam Heughan, Justin Theroux, Gillian Anderson and Hasan Minhaj.

Well, it's pretty clear that Audrey will soon have bigger problems than being dumped via text message. I have to say, if I found out that my ex had basically brought a bunch of badass killers straight to my doorstep and put my life and the life of my best buddy in danger, I'd be tempted to try killing him myself if no one else got to him first. Of course, after his visit, Audrey and Morgan feel duty bound to deliver a mysterious package which takes them to Europe, meaning they will have a whole host of additional killers gunning for them for much longer than they'd like. I suppose if Audrey just stepped aside and let the professionals handle this, it wouldn't be much of a movie, huh?

Luckily for us, though, Audrey's skills as a gamer seem to be just enough training to get her through most of this mission alive, because she'll need to run, jump, punch, kick and shoot her way around Europe to get the job done. And, obviously, a lot of bonkers laughs ensue amid all the fighting and gunplay, as they would if you're playing spy when you're not actually trained to do such a strenuous job.

Mila Kunis has been on quite a roll when it comes to comedies lately. Bad Moms was such a hit in 2016 that it inspired a surprise sequel the very next year (with more sequels and spinoffs possibly on the way), so it's not a shock that she'd want to try taking her comedy chops a bit further by adding some action into the mix. And, it looks like the combination will work out for all involved.

You can watch The Spy Who Dumped Me for yourself when it hits theaters on August 3, 2018. For more on what else you can catch on the big screen, be sure to check out our 2018 movie release date schedule.

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