Will The Bad Moms Grandmas Get Their Own Spinoff? Here’s What They Told Us

Susan Sarandon and Cheryl Hines in Bad Moms Christmas

Spoilers ahead for A Bad Moms Christmas.

While comic book franchises are a dime a dozen lately, it's more difficult to craft a comedic movie with the legs for multiple sequels. But they seem to have done just that with the Bad Moms franchise. The original film debuted last year to massive box office performance, and a holiday themed sequel arrived this week with A Bad Moms Christmas. Starring the original trio of leading actresses, A Bad Moms Christmas changes the formula by bringing in each of the leads' mothers (played by Christine Baranksi, Susan Sarandon, and Cheryl Hines) -- adding family drama to the menu for dramatic purposes. The ending of the film seems to point to a potential spinoff for the Bad Grandmas, and CinemaBlend got to ask the cast about just that.

I recently had the privilege to speak with the cast of A Bad Moms Christmas, where I asked Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon if they're interested in a spinoff for their characters. They answered with a resounding:

Sarandon: We're all pulling for it.Hines: We're all interested. Don't you need to see this? I feel like we need to see it, yeah.Sarandon: We'd love for that to happen.

Well, it looks like the cast is ready for a Bad Grandmas spinoff. Now we'll just have to see how A Bad Mom Christmas performs at the box office, and what the studio decides for the franchise's future.

Toward the end of A Bad Moms Christmas, we saw the trio of grandmothers finally connect a bit more. Ruth, Sandy, and Isis end up hitting it off about as well as their daughter did in the first film, and they soon decide to go off and have their own adventure. Rather than staying for the full holiday with their respective families, the trio of ladies decide to take a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas, which was a major goal for Sandy (Cheryl Hines). This seems like the perfect set up for a spinoff, as watching the three of their personalities clash in a place like Vegas sounds like comedy cold.

The addition of the grandmothers really changed the dynamic of A Bad Moms Christmas, and helped it from becoming a rehash of the original film. Having this familial conflict also gave the sequel heart in a way that perhaps the first film was lacking. And the casting of Cheryl Hines, Susan Sarandon, and Christine Baranski was a stroke of genius. Those three actresses are some of the best in the business, and giving them room to lead a spinoff would be exciting for their generations of fans. Plus, who doesn't want to see Susan Sarandon play a boozy Isis again?

You can see my conversation with Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon below.

A possible Bad Grandmas film isn't the first spinoff that's been developed by the folks behind Bad Moms. About a year ago, news broke that a Bad Dads film was being crafted. We haven't seen this actual come to fruition, but perhaps the studio is waiting to judge by the performance of A Bad Moms Christmas. The sequel has some fierce competition this weekend, with Thor: Ragnarok opening domestically at the same time.

A Bad Moms Christmas is in theaters now. Check out our 2018 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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